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You will live your best life when your body is not being stressed by allergies or sensitivities.  

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Our goal is to provide alternative treatment that will offer noninvasive, rapid, long-term results from the many symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities.

Our Promise to You

We care about your overall well being.  We will provide you with a thorough evaluation and treatment plan.  Let us help you achieve optimal wellness!

Advanced Allergy and Wellness Testimonials


“I used to have a sensitivity to walnuts that my tongue would partially swell, and it would make me talk funny.  I also would have tongue irritations from pineapple or pineapple juice.  I was treated for walnuts and I am now able to eat walnuts without swelling.   Even though I was only treated for nuts, it also took care of the pineapple issue.”  James B. 

“When our son Isaac was 8 months old, we discovered that he was very allergic to chicken.  He almost immediately broke out into hives after trying a chicken and sweet potato baby food, and once again after eating mashed potatoes with a chicken-based gravy.  He received a treatment through Advanced Allergy and Wellness using myself as a surrogate, and in 24 hours, he was able to eat chicken symptom free and has not had an issue with it since!”  Corinne H.

“Our son Jayden, who was six at the time, was having some uncharacteristic issues with behavior and acting out.  One particular episode was at his grandparents house after he had drank red kool-aid and ate cheetos.  We thought that maybe the red food dye was the cutprit as we had heard of some kids having similar issues. . . . sure enough.  When he was tested, he was positive for a sensitivity to red and orange food dyes.  After treatment, we noticed a bid difference in his behavior.  Even thought we would like to avoid foods with dyes, sadly they are in so many different things.  Now we can let him enjoy treats occasionally, and not have to worry about a huge back lash from it.”  Corinne H.

“So let me tell you what the last two nights have been like, but first I will tell you what Ivy’s nights were like before that.  She was up every hour and one half to eat, and she would not just go back to sleep and she cried and was unsettled most of the night and only wanted me.   Many nights she was up for an hour and one half stretch at some point.  I was so tired I could not even function any more – as you could tell on Wednesday.  Then you treated her on Wednesday for sugar and beans.  On Wednesday night she slept peacefully the entire night except to eat at 10:50pm and 2:50am.  Then last night she slept from when we put her down at 7:30pm until 3:00am when she ate and then went back to sleep until she woke up at 7:15am.   I fee like a new person after getting two nights of sleep.  Thank you so much for what you do!”   Wendy S.


“I wanted to tell you how Advanced Allergy and Wellness Solutions helped me.  I have acid reflux and received treatments from them and the intensity has decreased so much after treatment.  I plan to go back for other treatments.  They are wonderful and I highly recommend them. ”   Joan M.

“After receiving treatments from Advanced Allergy and Wellness for food sensitivities, I have noticed my sensitivities have improved dramatically.  Dairy foods no longer cause digestive issues.”  Nancy S.


“My sensitivity to tree pollen is greatly improved.  Previously in the spring I had to take an oral and nasal 24-hou medication and still need to take Benadryl.  I  have only used my nasal spray twice this year!  Nancy S.


“The only reason I underwent treatments for my severe cat allergy was to support my friends in their new business venture.  I knew it would not work, but I would never disclose that to them.  I have had asthma my whole life.  I spent most of my youth in and out of hospitals.  My asthma was not helped with the dogs and cats we had while I was growing up or by my mother who chain smoked.  When I was a junior in high school, I had such a severe attack I was in the intensive care unit and my parents were told I would not live through the night.  Thankfully, the doctors were wrong.  There was no such ting as inhalers or breathing treatments available for home use back the, as there are today.  I have several family members that have cats and before visiting them I would have to use my inhalers and take Prednisone (a steroid).  I would have to repeat these meds, perhaps 2 to 4 more times if I were to stay there over 3 or 4 hours.  Even with these medications I would go home with chest tightness, wheezing and severe coughing that took hours to go away.   Fast forward to this year.  After three treatments, I am no longer dependent on my inhalers or Prednisone.  I have been in my sister’s home (who has 2 cats) several times.  The last time I was there for 6 hours.  I had absolutely no asthmatic reactions.  I will admit that while there I experienced a very mild eye sensation that is not uncomfortable or itchy and subsides shortly after I leave.  I went from doubter to believer.”   Laurie R., RN


“Nearly 100% improvement of eczema rash, breathing improved, and fewer headaches in 5 treatments.  Other sensitivities have surfaced which are also changing.  Very pleased with results!” Dawn W.


“For several years I have experienced hives on the back of my head and neck with no indication of its source and then in about 1998 the clues came together, and I discovered that I was allergic to ibuprofen.  I switched to Aleve and then Motrin – after just a couple of doses of each I was back at square one.  The only pain reliever I have been able to take with any safety since 2000 has been Tylenol or acetaminophen.  Anything that would take care of  inflammation caused ping pong sized welts from hives.  I learned about Advanced Wellness and Allergy from my employer whose sisters, Cindy Quick and Karla Burris were starting a business of their own.  When asked if I would be interested, I jumped at the chance.  I did have my doubts as it just sounded too good to be true.  In February I had my one and only treatment – discovered that I was also sensitive to caffeine (not good news to this coffee drinker) and flavonoids in vegetables (equally not good news to this person trying to lose weight).  Cindy and Karla treated me for the drug allergy and for the flavonoids.  It was very easy,, painless, and to tell the truth, interesting and kind of fun.  Approximately 3 weeks later I had a nagging headache that I could not get rid of and decided to try ibuprofen – I gotta say I had my Benadryl handy but did not need it – no hives, welts, not even an itch!  The same thing when I twisted my back and took Aleve before bed a week later.  Same results!!!  I am so pleased and relieved to hopefully have this behind me.  Thank you, Thank you, Cindy and Karla!!!”  Loraine P.


“When I would take aspirin, my eyes would water, and I would sneeze a lot.  After I received a treatment from Advanced Allergy and Wellness, I was able to take aspirin without any sneezing or watery eyes.  I believe that the treatments from my aspirin sensitivity worked very well.” Roger T.