Advanced Allergy and Wellness Solutions

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Feel better the natural way!

About Us

Caring For Your Health

We understand that you are not living your best life unless you feel healthy.   Advanced Allergy and Wellness Solutions merges 21st century science with a 3,000-year-old traditional acupuncture in offering an effective alternative in treating symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities.  

Natural Healing

Our goal is to provide gentle alternative allergy and sensitivity treatment for babies to the elderly using acupressure.  Advanced Allergy Therapeutics uses gentle pressure to stimulate points along the back, corresponding with the major organ systems.  This is done while exposing the patient to a representation of the offending agent, reducing the stress caused by that substance.  As a result, the body associates this reduced stress with the substance creating a "positive conditioning effect".  Therefore in the future,  the body is able to respond more appropriately to the substance.

Our Promise to You

Non-invasive, no needles, no herbal remedies, no supplements, no avoidance, Just results!

Rapid, long term results from many symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities